Chapter 1: Welcome the Game World

Next Chapter 2: Hack me if you can

Plot Edit

The school is about to starting! Meet the fabulous girls! The twin is Macy and Lucy Super,second is Skye,thirth is Kinoko Toad,fourth is Princess Rosalyn Galaxy and finally Willow O. Koopa! First day is the school day. The school is called Game High. Where student are game character and parent too! Let's meet teacher and principal too. The new day school is about to start! OK. Let's begin of story! Or It's not very good day

All exciting girls: Wow! The school are super cool!

Both girls are starting to running very fast except Lucy

Lucy: Hey! Wait for me!

Macy: Oops! Sorry sister.

1 minute laters...

Skye: Wow! These place are amazing. But I'm bored of this school.

Kinoko: Look this is gym! *Kinoko being hitted by soccer ball*

Kinoko: Ouch! That's hurting my knee!

Unknown student: I'm very sorry.

What about Rosalyn and Willow?

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