Tara Hamada
Gaming Series of Origins Yandere Simulator
Gaming Parentage Taro Yamada (Senpai,Father) Yandere-Chan (Mother)
Age 17 year old
Alignment Good or Bad depent of my choice if i want to be on good side or bad.
Roommate Open
Victorious Moments Have my senpai on my side.
Knock Out! Moments Being caught murdering people
Favored School Subject Antagonist 101 and Hero 101
Least Favored School Subject Dunno
Allies some of the people.
Nemeses some people too.
Favorite Food Sushi


Tara its very shy and doesn't know how to approached a guy like her mother, but she does have some evil trat like her mother a had psychopatic voice in her head, she became very jealous when a girl approached the boy she love, will have the boy she want to her alone and do not want any girl to approached him.

Physical DescriptionEdit

She has black hairs and blue eyes, she also have olive skin like her mother, she is always in school uniform white with black skirt and black heel on her feet, she also have a tail like always and everyday, but can change her hairs.



She,s the older daughter of Taro Yamada and Yadere-Chan, she also the older sister of Rinchi Yamada, she also have two other siblings who are not named yet, but they are younger then her.


Well some people she like are her friends and don't want to hurt, but only if she's a good mood like her mother before her, because she can be jealous when a girl approached the boy she like, and she will not like that at all, because she doesn't want anyone to approach the boy.


Some girls at the school who she think want to steal the boy she like, and want to hurt them in the futures because they are her rivals, so she will not let these girls take the boy being taked away from her by a other girl, and will make her paid for have a crush on him and will kill her in the future.


Well she doesn't have a Senpai yet, because she doesn't found him yet, but she does have a crush on Piers Scout, because she found him cute too, and doesn't any girl too approached him, so she will have him same if that's the last thing she do, but know that some other girls from Game High also have a crush on him and she doesn't want anyone steal him from her.

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