Terezi Mercer
Gaming Series of Origins Prototype Series
Gaming Parentage Alex Mercer
Age 14 years old
Alignment Prangonist(Protagonist and antagonist)
Roommate Lissa Croft
Victorious Moments I like watching 8000 pages of Hackstuck and colleting poster's of Eridan Ampora and all the character of HS.
Knock Out! Moments Well sometimes may roomate making pranks at me.Also I have Iophobia or fear of poison.
Favored School Subject P.G,I am a good ruuner because of my speed
Least Favored School Subject Science and Math!!!!!!!
Allies Well Cronus Redfield and all of my Hackstuck fan members.
Nemeses Sometimes my roomate.
Favorite Food Faygo and Pies.

 Terezi Mercer is the tomboyish daugter of Alex Mercer.She's obsessed of Hackstuck,she creating a fanclub amed 'H4CK2TUCK CLUB' and she's also the leader,she's accompany with Cronus Redfield.


As a Prangonist,she has split personality,she has a bad and good personality,her good personality is calm,tough and creative while her bad personality is crazy,deadly and hypnotic.

Physical descriptionEdit

Terezi ha a Grey hair with violet streaks,she has a vission problem because her left eye is red and yellow while her right eye is normal,also she has a tan skin.Terezi wore a hoodie with Cronus Ampora's shirt,a violet pladed skirt , red socks with sneakers and a glass



She's with her father Alex Mercer with her sister Alexa Mercer She's also the little sister of Allan Mercer.


Terezi has many friends,including her members of her fanclub.


Sometimes her roomate.


As a tomboy,she doesnt like romance thingies.


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