Terror Piers Fazbear
Terror Piers Fazbear
Gaming Series of Origins Five Night's At Fredyy's 4
Gaming Parentage Nightmare Freddy
Age 15 year old
Alignment Antagonist
Roommate Open
Victorious Moments Well get what i want
Knock Out! Moments Being defeated.
Favored School Subject Antagonist 101
Least Favored School Subject Dunno
Allies Some students here
Nemeses Some students too
Favorite Food Pizza


He's very shy and calm at first, but like his father he does have one of this temper, he can be friendly when we know him better, he just sometime want to be alone when he's not in a good mood.He's sometime want to have fun with others only if we let him have fun, but because of his appearence he might scare some students at school, so he will sometime being in the shadow, so no one can see him.

But he do want some people to understand him, he just want to have some friends like everyone else in this school, only if we gave him the chance, but sometime he doesn't know how to approached someone without make them runaway, but he just hope some of all the students in this shool will accepted him someday.

Because he really want to know why he can't just approach, he know he will make some friends only if he want to have friends, but for the moment all he's good with its make them have nightmare.

Physical AppearenceEdit

He had brown fur with a black long sleeve suit and white vest with red bowtie, he have sun glasses and sharped teeths like some nightmare kid from the Five Nights At Freddy's franchise.



He's the the son of Nightmare Freddy and he's the twin brother of terror Penny Fazbear, with who he love to share his thing same if he doesn't really like the way he treat him, but he love his sister no matter what happen he want to be on her side.


Well he want to be friends with some students, but they are a little scare of his appearrence because he's a nightmare one, but he just want toi be understood by some students, same if sometime its difficult to have friends because he's scary.


well he doesn't really have a romance anyway, because he doesn't know if the girls in school will dated him, because some are too effraid to see him, and others are just not interested by him, but he just hope that one day he will have someone who love him and don't judge his apperance.

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