This group of ghouls are always happy.Even when angry,they remain cheerful.Eerily cheerful.But nevermind that,they love making people happy even if they are going to be the next bosses in a Zelda game.They at least want people to like them,be it through music or skateboaring tricks.They also enjoy doing stunts,as they mistook being mischevious for being cool.They are annoyingly peppy as well,and come with an unusual determination that people like them wouldn't possess.This leads to them being considered annoying.



They live with the last Cubus sister who is still alive,they believe she is their mother and love her to death.The current Cubus sisters also share a strong bond with each other.


Because of their "annoying" traits,they are friendless.That doesn't stop them from being friends with each other.


Don't let their sweetness get you,they do not like jerks.So if you happen to be Jerkface #2000,they will not like you due to your mannerisims.

Physical Appearance

They all have black hair,ashen grey sking,horns,and grey lips,which are covered in lipstick.They also have yellow sclera.



Clad in what miight just be the oddest thing ever seen.The sisters wear a unique blend of tomboy and girly girl clothes.Another thing to note about them is that wear clothing in different shandes of colors and have a white bow with their chosen color wrapped on one horn.



Despite being in a band,they are terrible at playing instruments,they somehow manage to wow the crowd by doing other things,like pulling off stunts.

They all hover,regardless if they're sitting or not.

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