Quotation1 Slime appears! Quotation2
The Game Glitch.
Gaming Series of Origins Eh... The.. Kirby series.
Gaming Parentage The one and only Computer Virus, of course! I mean, we aren't physically related, but I'm their spiritual successor.
Age 16 bits, baby!
Pet(s) Nope!
Alignment Antagonist, I guess. But I'm not THAT much of a villain. Just there to spice things up! Just imagine how boring it'd be if I WASN'T there!
Roommate Marceline Skullheart. She's... okay, I GUESS.
Victorious Moments Winning any good ol' RPG is great.
Knock Out! Moments People questioning what my real name is. Isn't it obvious? 'The Game Glitch' isn't just some alias, you know! And I'm getting sick and tired of people putting my name down as 'Gigi'. That's dumb.
Favored School Subject Quoteology!
Least Favored School Subject Unknown
Allies Pfft, no one is cool enough.
Nemeses Eh... Like my other sprites, or people I don't like?
Favorite Food I don't really eat.
Favorite Beverage I don't drink, either!


GG is a vain, arrogant, RPG-obsessed lil' glitch/virus. She thinks she's better than anyone else, and is not above constantly spouting sarcastic remarks from the window showing her speech. ((TBC. Why was this so short.))



GG, merely being a successor to Computer Virus, has never actually met them, but she's certain she's superior to them in every way. Moving on.


GG completely gushes over Takashi. Needless to say, she's not aware of his orientation or relationship status. He isn't the first person to get such attention from her, and almost definitely won't be the last.





  • Her text box was originally going to be a separate entity from her, poking fun at the glitch at times, but, Lissamel23 managed to change Jazz's mind on this with her appearance in Prince and Slime, with it now being her means of communication.
  • GG doesn't have an actual voice, but she can make a few noises. Static, beeps, boops, that sort of things. God forbid if she got some voice files.
  • When Jazz was making her original 'group' of OCs for the wiki, she had a rough idea. One protagonist, one final boss antagonist, and one normal/mini boss character. In fact, instead of making GG, a snarky little program and spiritual successor of CV, Jazz could have made a kid of Wiz. This idea was quickly scrapped, and Game Glitch happened, because she thought it'd be funnier to have a sassier, rude-for-no-reason-other-than-programming character, because Adeleine's kid was too cheery and Nightmare's kid was too serious. Jazz still has no idea about how this mirror magician would have acted, but it wouldn't be close to GG, and she can say that for sure.
  • GG is... touchy about her HP box, to say the least. Most of the time it's hiding behind her main or message window, probably because she doesn't want anyone to know how weak she actually is, especially in her favoured form(s).
  • She is quite bitter about not being able to appear in any version of Team Kirby Clash. Come on, if they're going to quote her predecessor, why can't she show up? It's not quite her preferred game type, but appearing in a spinoff with RPG elements would be nice!
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