The Infected Love is  a Romance-Drama fanfiction of Draculaura.Clawd. It is the story between a Guy who infected of the Black Light Virus and the daughter of the BSAA Co-Captain.

Plot Edit

Calliope was a beautiful girl that make boys fell in love to her, she has many many suitors who confess their feelings, but she didnt trust them, it's all because she didnt want to be like her Late Auntie, Deborah Harper who beaten her ex boyfriend.Then one day at he P.G, a boy saved her from the dodgeball named Jamie Heller, then after that her heartbeat skips faster but she is not sure about this guy.. But after many days, their friendship develops until Jamie got a feeling to her.Will Calliope accept Jamie's feelings?



  • The Infeceted Love is slightly Inspired by the Visual Novel of Yandere Simulator called Burning Love.
  • Their are 2 endings in this Fanfic.
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