At Quotetology Class,

"Your project is come up with your parents love story,story that how they met.Why your mother or father?"Mr Wright explains infront of the class"This is gonna be hard"Chrissy gulped because she never knew about her parent's love story"Ahem"Leona Clears her throat.

"Come on Annie.Time to turn in our project.Uhm,Theres something wrong?"Emma asked in a serious tone"No,It's just allergy"Chrissy replied as she wiped her tears using a tissue"Seriously?I know your crying.Tell me what happen?"Emma began to raised her left eyebrows"Ok.I was afraid to the project because I didnt knw about Mom and Dad's love story.Ok!"Chrissy shouted"Ok,Maybe tell you dad about the love story of them"Emma gaves her an advised"Youre right thanks Emma.Gotta go"Chrissy said before she ran away"That player was too fast".

1 day later

At the Qoutetology Class."Ok nice one Mrs Kennedy.The next is Chrissy Redfied"Mr Wright said as Chrissy began to gulped"Ok.My Mom was chased by a creature called B.O.W.She was traped until a mysterious man appears and shoot the creature.They came love at first sight.Dad was in love to her because of her good personality.After many years they married and had a 2 kid and I am one of them.That was my parent's loves story"Chrissy said infront of the class"That was amazing love story,I ever heard."Mr Wright cried"That was the best love story I ever heard"Bellatrix cried as she wipes her tears using leaves."You did the great job,Chrissy"Dandora clapped infront of her.Mr Wright gave her an A+.

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