Quotation1.png Please don't hurt my robot because this robot is like a father to me...I loved him like my son! Quotation2.png
Tilly pleads to not sabotage her robot.

Matilda Reznik is the granddaughter of Tracy Reznik which is known as the Mechanic from asymmetrical survival horror game called Identity V.



Tilly is a young genius who is very enthusiastic with machines and robots, she specifically prefers old style of machines. She is also over protective with her robot.

She was somewhat a judgy person who despises the concept of femininity causing her to judge on what she considered "other girls " about their "stereotyped" mentality (such as being dramatic and obsessed with their looks) this mentality also causing to despise the concept of Romance..

However, despite of hating Romance, she supported Allie's relationship with Jayden.


Tilly has some resemblance to her grandmother, she had a golden blonde hair that was styled into a chin length hair, a fair skin and a emerald green eyes.

She wore a beige mechanical jumpsuit that the upper was tied to reveal a red and white shirt that has a "Lawyer OP" logo, a red sneakers that paired with her blue and white socks.

Tilly has some few accessories, she had a square googles ,red finger less gloves, a black scrunchies , a black choker and a band aid on her nose.


Tracy left the manor after she had her son from an unknown father (possibly a known survivor), then she went back to her father's place just to rebuild it to continue what he created until now it remains there. Her parents loved her dearly along with her twin sister Talia and willing to support her on what she wanted in life





Tilly avoided befriending with some girls because of her mentality. She is friends with Allie due to his knowledge


Tilly created a robotic dog named Wilbur. she created him to cop the lost of their dog named Luchi.


She is one being shaded by Archie for being physically weak in game causing her too have undying hatred with him


Since she despise romance ..It is impossible for her to have romantic relationship.. But possibly there are rumors that she and a hunter has some romantic relationship due to how she is impressed with his machines.


  • Tilly has the "not like other girls" mentality.
  • She doesn't like to be called by her full name unless it was her family and her trusted friend
  • Tilly was once working with Demi on her small business but after that she left for an unknown circumstances maybe is it because of her losing her focus on her robot.
  • Her T-Shirt is based of the Identity V's well known running gag which is sarcastically joked Lawyer's character being out of meta.
  • Tilly has a pocket watch.
  • Tilly has the same sound as the original mechanic.
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