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Tobias is the grandson of Orpheus, a detective who is formerly a crime novelist, from the asymmetrical survival horror game called Identity V. Tobias is a part of the journalism club and she is the keeper of the original survivor's and hunter's diaries.



Tobias is a mysterious and a stoic kind of a person which he possibly inherits from Orpheus. Tobias was obsessed of his grandfather's works and the diaries of the past hunter and survivor which is why he is secretly made a room to keep them which the soon to be hunters and survivors didn't know that she had their family's diary. Tobias is also creative when it comes to writing because she is passionate about it after she read Orpheus' novels.

Tobias is also a bit serious when it comes to his academic performances which is why you can't see him at every school events because of how studious he is and sometimes his health was affected because of it.




Before Orpheus become a detective, he has a wife and daughter back then which he cares a lot  and treated them like his treasure. But that changes after the fire which not only it erased his memories but his relationship with his wife and daughter is also affected because of his drinking problem causing his wife filed a divorce and took his daughter's custody.

Years later once his daughter had a family of her own, she gave birth to a healthy young boy named Tobias, as he grew older her mother noticed that he slowly inherited her father's fond of crime novels which supported and feared at the same time.



He family loved his dearly and has low expectation when it comes to his education however they feared that he is getting a same aura as Orpheus,


He have some few companies which is mostly survivors of them game but she has no interest on making friendships with them


Julie was her pet Persian cat.


None so far.


He has no interest on every romantic relationship.


  • Tobias is a night owl on weekends.
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