Physical Appearance Edit

Tony has inherited all his father's genetics for he has light blond hair blue eyes light skin a facial stubble and his father's physique he also wears blue jeans a white t-shirt and white shoes or a prison jumpsuit with the same shoes.

Personality Edit

As far as personality goes Tony is like his father before his false imprisonment where he's reckless, combative, good-natured, ultimately positive and has a powerful sense of justice.

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

Tony is the son of Cody Travers from the games Final Fight and Street Fighter alpha 3 and the relationship between them is perfectly fine.

Friends Edit

Tony is only friends with James Mcree son Jesse Mcree for they both have sense of justice.

Romance Edit

Tony is single.

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Quotes Edit

Quotation1 If you lived behind bars as long as my dad and me then you should know that no one can get out and still be sane Quotation2
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