Quotation1 Stay the hell out of my way Quotation2
Trent to Evelynn

Trent Macgrath is the son of the good counterpart of Cole Macgrath and Trish Dailey from the Infamous series he's a conduit and the first Infamous character to attend Game High he's also a hero and protector to the people and part time bike messenger.

Physical Appearance

Trent sports a shaved head with a light stubble beard while wearing a leather jacket and pants with a stripe on the right leg, forming a small union jack design on his knee, and a sling bag with his phone attached to the single strap. The sling bag has a Sly Cooper logo and the numbers one and 3 designed onto it. Other times he is seen wearing a simple black and yellow t-shirt paired with black cargo pants that has a white Union Jack design on its right leg, this time spanning his entire leg. Trent's where his sling bag is now a simple brown/orange color with the same sly cooper sign where his own Amp is being kept on a strap attached to his bag. Trent also has tattoos on his arms. Plus he wears tabi boots. Lastly the conduit has light tan skin, with a scar on the right side of his face while also sporting a jacked muscular build and standing over 6 ft tall.


Trent described as a good Samaritan for he is seen as a generous, charitable, good-natured, helpful, kind, selfless, caring, protective and heroic young man. He's also known to be sarcastic, brave, skilled, athletic, honest, modest, clever, loyal, intelligent, grateful,cautious,wise, laid back, tough sometimes and respectful.



Trent is the son of Infamous's Cole Macgrath and the late Trish Dailey he's also the Godson to Cole's longtime friend Zeke Dunbar and he had a great relationship with them all even his father and mother before she died.


Trent is best friends with Dylan West, Nick Mar, Patrick Drake, Bruce Wake, and TJ Ramos plus somewhat close to them.


Trent is enemies with Evelynn old queen bee herself for she tried to manipulate, trick, seduce, and guilt trip him into joining her crew, but he outright refused the offer.


Trent is single.


Trent inherited his father's powers/abilities.

Trent has inherited his father's gravelly voice.


Quotation1 I'm not interested in joining your group Evelynn and I'll never will be so stop trying to recruit me! Quotation2
Trent to Evelynn when she try's to recruit him into her gang once again
Quotation1 You should be careful more often I can't save you every time now Quotation2
Trent after rescuing two students
Quotation1 Ever done parkour before? If not I could teach somethings Quotation2
Trent offering to teach Parkour to anyone
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