Kankri played spin the Faygo with Dirk and Rufio..When Dirk spun the bootle of faygo,all of the boys was getting nervous because Dirk as a very good prankster,when the bootle stops,it points Kankri's"Hmm,Kankri..Mmmm.."Dirk smilled something hillarous on his brain,"Uhmm...What's your daaaareeeee???"Kankri faked his grin"My dare is....Wear....Like......A......Giiiiirrrllll"."Oh my G!!No just no!!"TT began to shaking"Come on!!Kanky!!In front of the school!!It's fun.."the cool guy tried to force Kankri"Ok..just one time!!"."Oh..I will sneak to Marcy's dorm to get some girly stuffs and Cally's wigs and make up..At least my cousins or used to be my sister has many stuffs.."Rufio rubbed his palms.

At the hallway

Cassy having a girls hangout with Roxy and Calliope after class"You know what guys?!Warm Bodies it's so romantic movie in the year,I searched in the Top 10 website...OMG!!IT'S Romeo and Juliet!!!"Roxy began her annoying fangirling"Roxanna!!Stop it,you ruined my eardrums!!"Calliope hissed"Nivans,Kennedy!!Stop quarelling around we are.."Cassy paused when she saw something weird."Cassia!What is...No way!!!Did Kankri use my wig and make up!!"she crumbelled her cloth of her dress when she saw Kankri usin her stuffs with no Permission"Am I beautiful ladies"Kankri acting like a bunch of a gurl"Is that Marcy's dress??"Roxy dropped her jaws.When the Sally and Kronus appeared,they concealed their shocked mouths"What's that Bestie??"Kronus cant move well"I called that Triggered and Desperation"Sally explained and put a hand in her warm forhead"Yeah!!Btw I have to puke out my lunch"Kronus frowned and ran away"Wait for me Bro!!"Sally ran.."Are you kidding me??"Marcy appeaared with a shocked mouth"Marceline,I can expl-"he paused when Marcy cutted his sentence"You stole my stuffs,even my dress!!"she began to bursted out and stomped by the twins..

At the Male's Bathroom

Dirk and Rufio saw him"Oh my gosh!!He actually did it!!"Dirk laughed"Yeah bro..Any way I am thirst..Let's buy some faygo anyway.."Rufio opened the door :Wait for me Nivans!!"he replied..

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