Physical Appearance Edit

Troy has a heavy muscular build caucasian skin hazel eyes black hair and beard he's also between 5ft 10inches and 5ft11inches tall with numerous scars and cuts on his face and arms he also wears jeans a green checkered collared shirt rolled up to his elbows jeans and a watch on his wrist.

Personality Edit

Troy is hardened, brutal, violent, broody, knowledgeable, cynical, apathetic, skilled, damaged,ruthless, estranged, cunning, but despite his negative traits he's seen to be fatherly, protective, brave, strong, caring and extremely dedicated.

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

Troy is the daddy's boy son of Joel one of the protagonist from the Last of Us and he's really close with him and likes to spend time with him and visit him, which earned him the nickname Daddy's boy.

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Romance Edit

Troy is currently single

Ellie Edit

Despite being a typical Daddy's boy and such Troy also gets along well with Ellie and shares a sort of brother -sister bond or relationship with her, much to his father's happiness for he glad to see both of them getting along with each other unlike when he first met her before Troy came into his life.

Trivia Edit

Troy has a Texas accent.

Troy display's the same strength his father has making him the second strongest next to Chad Redfield.

Troy has his father's equipment also.

Troy has a habit of calling people baby girl or son most likely due to hanging with father a lot or his fatherly persona and frankly no one seems to mind.

Quotes Edit

Quotation1 You're insane and they call me crazy Quotation2
Quotation1 Son you want to survive in these here parts you got to keep yer guard up for their is some unpleasant people who you don't want to associate yourself with Quotation2
Troy talking to a Freshman student
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