Quotation1 I am beautiful, aren't I? Quotation2
Tsubasa before frightening people

Tsubasa is a descendant from The Geisha, one of the Hunters from an asymmetrical game called Identity V. He is part of the Dance Club.



Even though Tsubasa is male, he looks nothing like one. He has really fine features and is slim, pure white skin, long lashes in his completely black eyes, plump red lips and long raven black hair. He also has a tiny waist and big hips for a man.

Thanks to his appearance, he embraces the female appearance and decides to use an apple red kimono and jewelry, he also paints his nails black and wears a pair of geta shoes.


Tsubasa is the kind of person that doesn't talk to much and is pretty shy about himself, but he is not actually a bad person. he is normally nice, he likes to help others and be as kind as possible so he gives that nice person vibe. Or... is he? No one knows the truth hiding behind that beautiful face, but if you ever see that side of him you need to run.

Once he is on his other side, he is completely mean. He doesn't care if he has hurt you in any way (physical or verbal) and he will not hesitate on doing basically whatever it takes to have his goals completed.


In Game

Tsubasa will occupy his ancestor's place as a hunter if required. Miles, who was Michiko's partner, happened to find a Japanese baby all alone and decided to take him as his own. The little baby grew up, found his lover and had a little child who was Tsubasa. He was known as the most beautiful guy in the area and one time his crush asked him out. They became a couple not too long after and they were happy, so one day, Tsubasa was invited to his parents house. At first they look accepting, it was until the parents found out Tsu was a guy that everything went down...

They stopped inviting him, they didn’t want him to see his boyfriend and forced the guy to break up with Tsubasa. Tsu was angry and decided to confront the parents one day stating he loved that guy. The parents started calling him horrible things and ignored him. After those events, Tsubasa was apparently missing for years, his parents stopped looking for him and the police filed the case of his disappearance as unresolved. The last thing found on the place he was kidnapped was a porcelain oni mask he was going to use on a Halloween party.



Before he disappeared, he didn't have a bad relationship with his parents, in fact they got along pretty well. Once he disappeared he was alone, he didn't know where he was or even what he was, but a beautiful woman appeared. That woman being Michiko, as a ghost mostly, and took him under her wing becoming his mentor or more so, his only family now. He never saw his parents again, but he did manage to find a family in Michiko.


Tsubasa's best friend will always be Antoinette, they're inseparable in many ways and you will always see them together. Unless they are with their lovers, that's the only time they're not together. On the other hand, he takes care of a survivor named Velma Adams. He's usually helping her train in matches and goes friendly with her. They have a kind of "mother/father-daughter" relationship.


He doesn't have any actual enemies, although some people don't really like him since he's the hunter and doesn't care who he hits.


He had a tiny little crush on his roommate, Arthur since he finds him really cute looking. Still henever thought Arthur would ever notice him. Until one day Arthur made his feelings clear with a message written at the back of a picture he had taken of a butterfly. Since then, they started dating.


  • Tsubasa is the literal translation for "wings".
  • His quote before showing his face to people is inspired by the Kuchisake-Onna, a creature of the Japanese folklore with a cut on her mouth who says something similar.
  • His accent while speaking has still a strong Japanese accent, and some people might find it a little bit annoying.
  • As well as Michiko, he has two forms: Beauty form, which is shown when he's calm and Prajna, which is shown when he gets mad or someone pisses him off.
  • Many boys have thought at a first glance he is a girl, when in fact he is a boy.
  • He will usually hum some songs while walking:
    • One of his favourites is Senbonzakura from Hatsune Miku.
  • If he needs to, he will pass through windows or doors.
  • He dislikes people glancing at him and gets uncomfortable with his reflection, something he shares with his mentor/"mother" Michiko.
  • He often weirs a veil infront of his eyes so that people don't get frightened with him.
  • He has the irrational fear of having the same fate as his mentor/mother Michiko once he finds his loved one.
  • Since Arthur as his crush, he fears both having and not having him.
  • It is presumed he disappeared without having trace, when in fact he was murdered by one of his "friends" for he was considered a monster and his body was buried below a tree.
  • When he's the hunter, he really doesn't care who he hits, he is only interested in completing the mission.
  • In a relationship, he's more the passive than the active type.


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