Quotation1 I don't trust that Christiansen kid for I think he's hiding something Quotation2
Tyler showing distrust of Peter Christiansen

Tyler Park is the son of Jake Park the solitary survivalist from the indie horror game Dead By Daylight he's a member of the Survival Club and the 2nd Dead By Daylight character to attend Game High.

Physical Appearance

Tyler is a tall scruffy robust young man with black eyes fair skin, black hair and a scruffy beard giving him a rugged or unkempt look he's also seen wearing a green trail jacket and waterproof cargo pants and trainers or Hiking attire.


Tyler is seen as a calm relaxed wise benevolent friendly honest caring responsible casual kind reasonable pessimistic brave confident good knowledgeable smart informative resourceful respective nice protective observant disciplined helpful lad who also enjoys being outdoors and is a loner plus solitary on some occasions.



Tyler is the son of Dead By Daylight's Jake Park his mother is unknown but rumor speculate that it was some park ranger before she disappeared herself months after Jake's own disappearance.


Despite being a loner and a solitary fellow, Tyler was able to make two friends during his time at Game High these two friends were Sam Fairfield daughter of Dwight Fairfield. The second and last friend was Zak Grady son of Travis Grady.


Given how observant and smart he is Tyler is enemies with Peter Christiansen and Augustus Victoriano for he was able to see through the masks of each kid making him entirely distrustful of both of them and not just that but their obsessions and yandere behavior plus backgrounds is enough for him and he bet that the killers his dad and Sam's dad encountered would have fun tormenting and hunting them, that is if they'll be able to handle or kill the two yandere's.


Tyler is single.


Tyler Park is the first Dead By Daylight character by Talltalesfan20.

Tyler is often mistaken for a hipster or mountain man sometimes.

Tyler's scruffy look is a reference to one of Jake's customization outfits from the game.


Quotation1 I'm not a hipster or a mountain man so would you stop comparing me to the two! Quotation2
Tyler when he was mistaken for either a mountain man or hipster for like the eighth time
Quotation1 I may be scruffy looking but at least I didn't have siblings who pressured me unlike you blondie Quotation2
Tyler giving Evelynn a reality check
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