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  • Jasmin231

    Like, there's been more activity here in the past week than there has been in months. Nice. I'm probably gonna just remain lurking (my """cringe""" schedule has already been filled by my current special interest fhjkghjfk) but I'm glad you guys seem to be having fun! It's nice to see a little more life in this wikia either way.

    Heck, maybe I'll even make some space in my brain and do something here. I've got outfits I still have to design and a bunch of bio WIPs, anyways. Maybe I'll metaphorically beat cringe culture to death and make a character based on my current Main Interest because it is technically another video game! Who knows what the future holds, dear reader.

    This is Jazz, reminding you I'm watching you all from the digital shadows, signing …

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  • Jasmin231


    October 12, 2019 by Jasmin231

    I said I should make one of these, so I did! I'll probably add more to this in the future.

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  • Jasmin231

    Some Logo Designs?

    August 1, 2018 by Jasmin231

    I got bored and decided I wanted to try to design a school crest for GH? The 'patch' design just sorta happened along the way. And given what GH is, I figured pixel art would be fitting! Especially since that's probably the only way I could make these look decent with my skillset. So here they are in their original size and enlarged for visibility.

    Feel free to share your thoughts/constructive criticism on these designs.

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  • Jasmin231

    I don't actually know if anyone's interested in these, but I have some designs I don't have the motivation to make into actual OCs, and don't want to keep them as just designs, so bam! Adoptables. 

    • Needless to say, please ask to adopt.
    • Try to limit the amount you take! It's no fun if someone takes all of the designs. 
    • I want to make sure these are put to good use! I would like to hear at least a quick summary of what you have planned for them! I have a few tidbits for some of them, but you can disregard these. I just like spouting my ideas.
    • A name would also be nice for the ones I haven't named myself! 
    • Please don't be rude if I happen to decline your offer. I don't think this is likely to happen, but just in case...
    • You're allowed to tweak the desi…

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  • Jasmin231


    January 4, 2018 by Jasmin231

    welcome to my house of trash

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