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  • Lissamel123

    Wait, didn't I have a birthday last year?

    Anyway, just tellin' all my pals I'm officially another year older~ Here's to more dweebs and dorks and random dark themes in my writing as the time goes on! ^^

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  • Lissamel123

    Because stalling, stalling is why.

    As the title says, really. I want you guys to ask me any questions about the Pixels and Polygons 'verse or any characters within. This includes the main six, the backgrounders, the faculty, my other saps, and any of your characters that have appeared or been mentioned thus far. Just anything that could help with worldbuilding and / or character development.


    Just warning you that my answers may turn out rambly in this, so...Yeah.

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  • Lissamel123

    Because I need more of these?

    This one's gonna be a bit more split, though. I'll have my regular headcanons, but I've also concocted some character themes. Please note that all headcanons apply to the Pixels and Polygons 'verse and don't necessarily apply to any other 'verses. Also if I mention your character...Sorry. Hope that's all cool.

    • Scaredy's teddy-babble is a distant offshoot of Animalese; ergo, Dr. Shrunk can understand it fine.
    • Simon fears being forgotton; Sofia fears losing herself; Takashi fears slaying anyone through magic; Honey fears not mattering; Vanessa fears being unable to help; Harold fears making others unhappy; Magnilde fears not being in control; Scaredy fears hurting anyone; TED fears entropy; Scotch fears never being …

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  • Lissamel123

    I am weak-willed

    August 2, 2014 by Lissamel123

    So I accidentally found myself unable to stick with just my six-man band. Whoopsie daisy. I'm growing attached to my original backgrounders, two girls in particular, and I sort of want to make them official. Heck, I even drew concept art for one.

    The thing is, I'd need roommates for them, seeing as they're not part of my six-man band and I don't particularly want to room them with one another, seeing how they would not be good with one another. So does anyone have any upcoming OCs that need roommates?

    For breifing purposes, the two I'm considering are:

    Magnilde Klug, daughter of The Medic from Team Fortress 2. Haughty, prideful, condecending and dry. Enjoys fighting for fighting's sake, and though she looks like she practices medicine, she'd r…

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