Verene sign
Quotation1 Je ne veux pas. Quotation2
"I don't want to," Vérène says halfheartedly, in reply to the Antagonist 101 teacher.

Vérène Lacroix is a 2016-introduced original character. She is the brooding and morose daughter of Widowmaker, a sniper and assassin from BLIZZARD's multiplayer shooter-game Overwatch.

She is an original character of NA-TTOPPET.


Personality and traits

Vérène has shown traits of being a naive yet brooding young girl who doesn't exhibit much emotion. She shows disinterest in what happens around her, and would rather focus on anything that she considers "worthy of her attention". V (i have to refer to her as "V" because i'm tired of having to copy and paste her name lmao) can also be very critical. She will not hesitate on pointing out your mistakes and flaws (let it be a grammatical mistake or how you use a sniper).

Although she may have a cold personality with some jerka**-like traits, V has shown signs of morose and despair inside her. She is aware that her eventual fate is to become brainwashed into murdering her own spouse, and to then become a ruthless assassin going for the kill. Because of this, V is depressed and bitter. She laments her fated adulthood, and makes it visible that she does want this.

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