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Vance on Insanity

Physical Appearance

Vance is 5ft 9 inches tall young man sporting green eyes a short black Mohawk reddish orange tank top green pants with a gun holster trainers tan skin a tattoo going down his arm plus wrist and a short black beard.


Vance is known be a Charismatic reckless cynical insane machiavellian brutal psychopathic extremely prideful sadistic violent and unpredictable with a dark sense of humor plus violent personality but despite being just as crazy and mentally unstable like his old man he is shown to be remorseful and regretful of his actions.



Vance is the son of Vaas Montenegro from Far Cry 3 his mother is unknown but it's implied that they met after the events of the game while she was tending to his wounds when he miraculously survived his encounter with Jason Brody.






Vance is Single.


Vance is the first Far Cry character done by the creator.

Vance wields a pistol.

Vance is an avid movie fan and would make references to such movies.

Vance can act as a guide to those who need it as long as he isn't pushed too his limits.


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Vance acting as a guide
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