Quotation1 I am not like my brother okay! Quotation2
Velma's' breakdown after her first match

Velma Adams is the granddaughter of Helena Adams also known as The Mind's eye, a decoder from asymmetrical survival horror game called Identity V.



Velma was an anxious person as well as insecure because of her pressures to be as independent as her brother Jerry who is independent despite of his disability which is also blindness as well




After Helena finished the dangerous game as well as finishing her college, she began married to a wealthy man who cherished her despite her disability and then have children later. Years later their children have their offspring of their own and Velma is one of them who is somehow bling like Helena but it caused by an chemical accident instead of disease like her brother.



Velma lived in a fortunate family along with Jerry, her parents are devastated by here accidental blindness but still treated with love and care like how Jerry did.


She is very close to a hunter named Tsubasa and she was treated as his daughter due to her disability and sometimes she got spared whenever they matched in their match in training.


She has a guide dog named Helena which is a golden retriever


It depends on how people treated her..


Velma has no interest on dating just like how her brother did since she saw dating as distraction as well as he fear of relationship abuse due to her disability,


  • Velma is named after one of the protagonist in Scooby Doo Series named Velma Dinkley who is the resident genius of the Mystery Inc.
  • She was blinded of a chemical incident
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