Venus is the sister of Galatea, also known as the Sculptor, an upcoming hunter from the asymmetrical survival game Identity V.



Venus is a really kind girl with a twisted mind. She really doesn't talk to anyone but her sculptures and is really happy around them. When it comes to the real world though, she's extremely fragile in many ways and doesn't often want to interact with people. She's scared of being treated badly, but at the same time, won't hesitate to yell at you if you say something mean about her passion.








As far as she remembers, she had the closest bond with her sister Galatea and became really fond of sculptures thanks to her. On the other hand, her father and her had a really bad relationship. She often says her father used to scold her and yell at her for preferring sculptures over humans. Still, she doesn't like talking about it as she had bad memories of it.


Venus gets along pretty well with almost everyone, or so she sees. Due to her great interest in sculptures, she sees them as her friends and talks to them often. Reuben and Arania are also some of her close friends, as they are understanding of her mental state.




Even if she saw him from afar and never spoke to him, she developed an intense crush on Hugo. She thought he could understand her way of viewing things as he had a similar hobby. Eventually, they became a couple which makes her happy.


  • Her name was inspired by the statue of Venus de Milo.
  • She uses a wheelchair to go around the campus, since she cannot walk due to an accident.
  • Like her sister, she was once in an asylum, but managed to convince the doctors she was mentally stable.
  • Venus doesn't live in a dorm like the rest of the girls in game high due to her disability. She also doesn't like being surrounded by people.
  • If you go near her cottage, you might hear her talking to her statues as if they were living beings.
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