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Venus Wright in Japanese Kanabushi Narohodou is the daughter ofPhoenix Wright in Ace Attorney. She is the current President in Game High.


Venus was very serious from being a School President which causes her Haggard Look and Stressed feeling but she can deal with it..She is also knowledgeable and focused when it comes to her Academics.She is also independent when it comes to school projects.Venus can easily getting breadown..

Physical DescriptionEdit

Venus is like her father.Venus has black hair,grey-blue eyes and a pale skin.She wore a a a Blue jacket with a Uniforn and a red tie,a dark blue skirt and a school shoes with white socks.



She is the daughter of Phoenix Wright.She has a stepsister named Trucy Wright.She is also the descendant of Ryunosuke  Narihudo .


Venus was close to Yui her future asisstant and her very bestfriend.


She have no time for Pets..


Venus has no time for boyfriend but she indeed have a crush which she didn't pay attention about it!


  • Kanabushi is a Japanese word of Venus.
  • She is based on Jaehee Kang from Mystic Messenger.


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