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Victoire Mystère
Character Profile
Game Team Fortress 2
Age 17
Alignment I am an assassin for hire,what do you expect?
Roommate ((Ask))
Character Parent The Spy
Victory Moments Managing to put that RED Scout in her place.No baseball bat is a match for French technology!
K.O Moments As a woman of espionage,it's humiliating to be discovered by an enemy.How does that Scout keep getting to Magnilde before me?!
Favourite Subject I don't want to be biased,but,I guess anything to do with sneaking around.
Least Favourite Subject Anything involving medicine.It's a complicated reason.
Quote "Oh just kill me."
Victory Friends ((Ask))


Her name is actually French for Victory Mystery.You could twist it around so it means Mystery Victory.

Her catchphrase comes from an outtake from the Meet the Medic video,where the BLU Spy's head (which is in a fridge) says "Kill me."

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