Vincent Contiello
Character Profile
Game Skullgirls
Age I can barely remember.But,everyone says I'm older than I look.
Alignment Protagonist
Roommate ((open))
Character Parent Sienna "Squigly" Contiello.She's not my real mom though.
Victory Moments I get really excited when I remember things.You know,since I can't remember.
K.O Moments Forgetting.It's just awful.But there are some things that I would like to NOT know.
Favourite Subject Music.I can sing,just not very good.
Least Favourite Subject Cooking.I don't know how to cook and when I do know,I forget.
Quote "Oh!Um,hello!"
Victory Friends ((Open))


Ever since he was reawakened,he's stuck around with Squigly and Leviathan.And they've taught him to be a gentleman in every sense of the word.He doesn't care if you're a boy or a girl,he will treat you with the upmost civility.Vincent's a sweetheart.Meaning he will go to the ends of the Earth for his friends just to make them happy.However,he's prone to bouts of sadness,albeit this will rarely happen.He does have a bit of a temper though.

Physical AppearanceEdit

One of the things to note about him,is that he shockingly has a pair of bright and happy green eyes.This paired with his snow white skin and light blue hair makes him one of the more "unique" undeads.He's very short as well.He also has a parasite in his brain,but no one has seen it.



Squigly and Leviathan can be considered as his "family".They,however,only helped him.But he has accidentally called Squigly "Mom".




Vincent is not on good terms with Victoire Mystere.She's a bit of snake after.






It's assumed that the Medici's are the cause of Vincent's death.However,they did not bury him in a manner like Squigly's funeral.Instead he was openly mocked and many other incidents occured before they finally buried him.

He has a soft spot for cute things such as kittens.He doesn't know why though.

Surprisingly,he was given a parasite in order to nullify Marceline's unintetional influence over him.

Vincent's lack of memory comes from parts of his brain decomposing.Maybe his parasite also stopped it from decompsosing all the way?

Kittie just noticed that Silver was an unintended inspiration for Vincent.The same can be said for Sonic,who inspired his design.

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