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Quotation1.png We are alike... Except for a sense of honor and decency and a moral center. And personal hygiene. Quotation2.png
Vincent to Rupert after talking about their passions.

Vincent Valden is the descendant of Edgar Valden, also known as Painter, a survivor of the asymmetrical survival game Identity V.



Vincent is a skinny short young man with fair skin, blue eyes and brown hair. His hair is styled with bangs on the front while being kinda short. His attire consists on a white blouse with ruffles, black high waist buttoned shorts, a red paint-stained cape that twins with his red beret as well as black boots. He also wears what some people would call "artist glove" on his right hand. His nails are painted black and he uses a pair of black gold earrings in the shape of a cross.


Vincent is a really arrogant and narcissistic being, due to being born into royalty. Being born and raised in a strict way, he was raised to greatness making him really elegant in many ways. He's also a really passionate and creative person, seeing art in almost everything and loving everything that is exciting. On the other hand, he hates boredome and is always trying to create something even if he has art block.

He can also act really mean to people he doesn't like, just by how they look, which means that if you look ugly he might not like you. He's also pretty pretentious and conceited when it comes to his art, and will fight anyone who dares to say it's bad.






Vincent was born in a noble family as the only son of it, and was praised for being so talented with art. His parents tended to push him towards perfecting his skills and were really strict with him on that. He does feel some type of resentment towards them since he didn't have a normal life as a kid. He couldn't go play outside, he was always practicing and if he ever tried skipping a lesson... he would be badly punished. Vincent doesn't like his parents and is relieved that he doesn't have to see them.


Vincent gets along perfectly with anyone who is as high classed as he is, or shares the same passions. Reason why he gets along pretty well with Antoinette and Arthur, since they are a royal and a noble like him. He also gets along with Jake, for they are both painters and even compete with eachother sometimes. He also gets along pretty well with fellow survivor Esther, as she has been interested on his work and he finds that flattering. He's also interested in Esther's work as an embalmer and sees it as a form of art.


Even though he didn't really have a problem with her existence, Angelica has become quite a bother to him. She keeps following him around and that makes him uncomfortable, but it makes him more uncomfortable that she wants to take his man.


Vincent became Felipe's secret partner after a while of hiding his feelings, still, they can't show their relationship to the public due to their safety. Stil, they both love each other a lot.


  • His name was inspired by the great painter Vincent Van Gogh.
  • Due to his strict family, he can't openly say he is gay.
  • He's actually kind of insecure and isn't able to defend himself if someone bothers him. He usually cries when people aren't seeing him due to this.
  • His quote is referenced on a dialogue exchange between Elizabeth Swann and Jack Sparrow.
  • He knows how to use different materials of painting: acrilic, oleum, watercolor, etc...
  • Vincent doesn't like spicy foods, he would easily tear up due to not handling the spicy.
  • Vincent shares his birthdate with his creator.
  • Even though he is horrible at most things (cooking, sewing, washing clothes, washing dishes, changing his clothing by himself, and many more things) he's quite the good kiter.
  • Felipe convinced him of rebelling againts his noble life, yet he still doesn't know is that's a good idea as he likes the luxury.