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Violet Afton

Violet Afton is the second daughter of William Afton, also known as the Purple Guy or Dave Miller, from the game franchise Five Nights at Freddy's.



Violet is a girl that has dark orange long straight hair, big green eyes and fair skin. She's got some freckles in her face and plumpy lips. Unlike her brothers, she doesn't have that dark brown hair they have. Instead she has the ginger red hair like her little sister Elizabeth.

She's normally seen wearing purple and black clothes, the attire she uses the most consists in: A purple T-shirt, black high-waist jeans, purple converse and her father's FFP security guard badge hanged like a necklace.


Vio is not someone of a lot of words, she prefers to be in solitude most of the time. She is kind of a serious individual most of the time, with a cold gaze, a creepy smile (most of the time) and basically no life.

Only people that know her deeply, who have been with her for quite a long time, actually know she's a sweet girl. She tries to help people she cares about as much as she can, in fear mostly. The people who know this side of her also know she has depression, and even when she's got a smile on her face it is only to hide how broken she is inside.


In Game

Violet Afton was formally introduced in FNAF 4, she's seen during some scenes that include the Crying Child. These scenes feature her sprite which looks like a young girl about the same height as the Older Brother with orange hair and green eyes. 

The player, as the crying child, can encounter her in different ocassions: before the crying child gets scared by the older brother, when the crying child is in the pizzeria and during the finale mini-game where the crying child gets bitten by Fredbear.

She is also mentioned in an ending cinematic of FNAF SL by her own brother, Michael Afton, after he is already "zombified" because of Ennard. At last, she's mentioned during FFPS by both Scraptrap and Scrap Baby.

It is also depicted that she was present during the incident of the missing children, for it is believed she helped her father William commit the crime.



Violet has always been a person that has been really close to her family, to the point she mourns their departure every single day. She was happy with her family, she cared deeply for her little siblings, has a nice relationship with her older brother and loved her father deeply. After the incident regarding Circus Baby and her little sister, Elizabeth, her happiness started shattering slowly. She started taking care of her little brother even more, being a little overprotective and creating his fear of animatronics. When the year of 1983 came, she was concerned about the idea of making her little brother's birthday in the restaurant (Fredbear's Family Diner). Later the incident regarding her little brother's death by Fredbear's jaw made her start hating anything regarding with the animatronics, she even hated her older brother for a while since he was the reason her little brother passed. Time passed and her hatred became something good for her father, who'm she helped as much as she could, she still loved him after all. Her father's passing and the state her older brother made her loose her composture, her mind was already broken. The only thing she desires the most is to have her family back.


She has never been someone that has a lot of friends, at first she did have one but dissappeared due to unknown circumstances. After her best friend was found dead, she stopped being that open and didn't actually have any friends. She would like to, but her social skills are kind of bad.


She herself doesn't have enemies, but most of the animatronic offspring don't exactly like her for what her father did long ago. She really doesn't care about them tho.

Love life

Even though she would like to have someone to love, she doesn't want to search for anyone due to her serious mental problems. She would be happy is she found someone that loved her the way she is.


  • She's the last living Afton.
  • In the books, she's referred to as Violet Miller by some of Charlotte's friends, even though Charlotte remembers her surname being Afton.
  • Her father William taught her how to make and repair animatronics since she was young.
  • After she saw the different animatronics her favourite was Puppet, but she also liked Mangle.
  • She gains weight easily, but is able to loose it fast.
  • When her entire family was still alive, her favourite members were her father and her little brothers.
  • Out of popular belief it is said William Afton has brown hair, which makes sense since Michael and the crying child have both brown hair. But, since Elizabeth and Violet were both born with ginger hair, this would probably mean their mother had this hair color.
  • Although it isn't shown very often, she's actually quite stealthy.
  • She's really good at cooking, and learnt how to cook thanks to the cooking staff in both Fredbear's Family diner and Freddy Fazbear's Pizza.
  • Not many people know it, but she's actually scared of animals since most of the animatronics were animal inspired.
  • Even if she is not quite fond of the animatronic offspring, she can repair any of them for money.


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