I'm an epic being named Vortex!
Gaming Series of Origins Sonic the Hedgehog
Gaming Parentage His name's Void.Well was.
Age I have no idea honestly. Could be a century old,could be a year old.It's a secret to everyone!
Alignment Antagonist.Yup I'm the bad guy.
Roommate That Omega gal or whatever her name is.
Victorious Moments I stink at board games,but the same can't be said when I play a game of cards!
Knock Out! Moments It's whenever I play a board game. I lose. A lot.
Favored School Subject Math. When you come from a board game,you get pretty good with numbers.
Least Favored School Subject Wanna know what's ironic?I also hate Math. Why? Sometimes the dice roll against my favor.
Allies None
Nemeses I'm just gonna say a lot.I am the bad guy after all!
Favorite Food Junk food.Doesn't matter which kind as long as I can cram it into my face.


Vortex is strange to say the least. As in she (or he?) is so vain of her powers,it would drive you nuts. She's proud of becoming,in her words,the bad guy. Yes,she may hail from a board game but give her dice or a pair of cards and she'll pretty much kick your butt.And yes she does use her powers to goof off and use them to prank the other students.

However,she only keep a smug demeanor to hide her emotions. Since her emotions go nuts at the drop of a hat,it's crucial for Vortex to keep them in check,which is why she plays cards so much,to let off steam.So far the only emotions that go haywire is sadness,happiness,and lonliness.

Physical Appearance

Vortex has pale skin,a short build (she only looks taller because she floats),along with a strange pair of blue eyes and pale green hair.



Vortex doesn't really know her dad all too well,seeing as now he's a part of Illumina once more. She may be made of a fragment of loneliness left behind and given life by a child's dream.


Vortex has no friends. Though she does wish had some....


Like her bio says,everyone's her enemy. Perhaps she training to be the future Void.Or she's y'know,a jerk.



Vortex wears a light green shirt with a purple stripe,a torn purple skirt,and a purple cape with a light blue gem clasp.



You know why she keeps saying she's the bad guy? She referencing Razor Ramon.

It's a secret to everybody is a reference to the Legend of Zelda.

Vortex's voice sounds like a echo-y version of Elec Man's voice from Mega Man Powered Up,ironic how she's got a surprisingly flamboyant voice. This is also a nod to her gender (?)

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