Waluigen Bros
Gaming Series of Origins Wario Land Series
Gaming Parentage Waluigi
Age 13 year old
Alignment villain
Roommate Warius Bros
Victorious Moments Be an antgonist and heroes like my father .
Knock Out! Moments Be defeated my a other hero is my nightmare.
Favored School Subject Villainology
Least Favored School Subject Herology Is hard.
Allies My cousin is one of my friends and Ruby Cooper.
Nemeses All the one who go to defeated me are my enemies in my game.
Favorite Food Mushroom and pasta.


She's kind and friendly, but like her father and some of her family she lose a little bit of temper.

Physical DescriptionEdit

She's a little bit boys style, she wore a purple long sleeve purple short and purple hat, blue strap and pants.



She's the daughter of Waluigi and cousin of Warius Bros. And little sister of Shasta. But comparated to Shasta see seem to be in good relation with Warius.


her cousin is considered like her friend since they are young, but she's also friend Ruby Cooper the daughter of Sly Cooper.


All one who go to be the hero will be her enemies later.


She do not have a love interest because of her boy style.

She do not notice that Shevion have a crush on her, because since she know she's tomboy she do not have any love interest, she do not really showed interest in him, because she do not go talk to him and want nothing to do with him..

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