Warius Gregory Bros

Character Profile
Game Parent Wario Land series
Age 16
Alignment Villain
Roommate Waluigen
Character Parent Wario
Victory Moments Be the next Wario and be the heroes of Wario land just like my dad before me.
K.O Moments When someone treated me like a fool pissed me off.
Favourite Subject Antagonist 101
Least Favourite Subject Quoute is not easy .
Qoutes "Get lost."
Victory Friends My cousin Waluigen is my only friend for the moment but if someone else want to be friends with me is more place.

"Why is so difficult to understand"

Warius Gegory Bros Is the son of Wario hero of Wario Land and antagonist in Mario Bros.


He's not really evil, but everyone are scare of him just because he's destined to be the antagonist of his big cousins and little cousins game. He's also friendly and shy, he just don't understand why is supposed to be that way.

Physical DescriptionsEdit

He's just like his father he wear a yellow shirt with purple strap and blue marine pants, he also wearing a yellow hat and brown shoes on his feets.



He's the son of Wario and nephew of Waluigi, he have a cousin named Waluigen and Shasta Daughters of his uncle he's also the little cousin of Mario and Luigi.


Waluigen is his cousin and only friend who really understand him and he want more friends but everyone is scare of him , he really do not understand why they are all scare of him.


Do not have a pet his father do not want him to have a pet.


Warius is not very interested in falling in love, still think to maybe have his own dream princess. He do not notice Monia Treasure had a crush on him he seem to be oblivious to this. But he now thinking harder of her . But the two of them didn't really talk about it.

Candy Shokora also have a crush on him, but he do not notice her because the feeling is not mutual yet, but know he will be the one who go to save her in the future.

It also seem an other future antagonist, Terramisu also have a crush on him, but the feeling is not mutual.

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