Is the second episode from the second chapter of Solonor 1987 Fanfiction


Warius Bros

Penny Fazbear

Piers Fazbear

Jeremiah Fitzgerald

Jeanne Fitzgerald

Monia Treasure

Mare Nette

Calliope Nivans

Allan Mercer

Florian Scout

Terezi Mercer

Candy Shokora

Roxy Cage

Roxas Black

Mikasa Black

Miranda Briggs

Marceline Nivans

Piers Fitzgerald


Warius Candy and Monia was in the hall when they ear about the break up.

Monia: that's so sad, they we're a cute couple.

Candy: So true, its a shame they had to break like that.

Warius: mayber, but you two hide you,re feeling for me too.

Monia:What. how do you know.

Candy: Yeah.

Warius: You two are too easy.

Meanwhile in gameteria.

Penny:Wow, i can't believe poor Bunnito, its difficult for him.

Mare Nette: That's its all Marcy fault, why is she do not let them love each other.

Marcy:Hey, its not my fault, i am shock too, i tried to repair that mistake.

Piers: Mare, she's right its not really her fault.

Calliope: So true, but do you think that Jamie likeme.

Mare Nette: Hum, Piers what do you think.

Piers: I do not know.

Allan: Well, why don't you ask him.

Calliope you're right, i will ask him.

Terezi: Good luck about that.

Allan: terezi, you know that guy have no chance with Cassy, but with Calliope.

Terezi: i know.

Marcy: roxy, i have to talk to you.

Mare ette: Well, i think Piers we have to talk someday.

Piers: Why.

At the other table.

Marcy: I really need you're help, i have to get Bunnito and Ruby Togheter.

Roxy: You bet, i will help you, i always help a friend.

roxas: Me too, i will help, i like to see love between opposite aligment.

Mikasa: it will not be easy.

Miranda: No, but we had to tried.

Marcy: thanks guys.

Outside in the school yeard.

Florian:Hi Jeanne.

Jeanne: Hi florian.

Florian; you and you,re brother enjoy the school.

Jeanne:Yeah sure.

Jeremiah; why she do not see, i was the boy who write that love letter.

Florian:Who is he talking abou.

Jeanne: penny, he love her.

Florian:oh i see.

Again in the school yeard.


Piers F. What.

Penny: hum, i want to thank you for the love letter.

Piers F: What, i didn't write you a love letter.

Penny: So, who write, (Gasp) Jeremiah. (look again at the letter)

Calliope: Jamie.

JamieCalliope, what's up.

Calliope: can i talk with you.

Jamie;what is it.

Calliope: Well, do you love me.

Jamie:Why this question. (turn red)

Calliope: Because i think, i love you.

And she decide to kiss Jamie.

end of the episode.

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