Quotation1.png I want to explore other magics not just from the tribe..I want more! Quotation2.png
Willow to Skye

Willow Cloud is the youngest daughter of Grey Cloud also known as Nightwolf from Mortal Kombat Franchise. She is currently the apprentice of Calisto after Apollo become a skilled fortune teller however her purpose was to explore magical things from other parts not just from her tribe. She is also the younger sister of the next Nightwolf, Skye Cloud.



Willow as a curious young magician who is willing to explore other forms of magic not just from her tribe. She is also bubbly and friendly when she interact with others that depending on her their treatment on her.

She also can be stubborn sometimes and this stubbornness can lead her in trouble which sometimes Skye gets involve with it. Willow can be also sassy.


Willow has a black long hair with white hair on her bangs, a dark brown eyes and a light brown skin, She also has an orange paint underneath her eyes.

Her outfit is a combination of tribal and a hint of modernize style, she wore a dirty yellow tribal jacket that has different color sleeve color which is golden yellow and it also has tribal details, she also has a black tank top which is also has a tribal details, a brown leggings with black hemline and a brown furry uggs boots.

Willow has a light blue band, a tribal necklace, a bracelet, a light brown satchel, a black choker and an anklet.



She is the youngest daughter of Grey Cloud which he is very caring for her since she is the youngest child and she was both cherished by his brothers especially Skye which she is very close with since she can't stand how she got underestimated by her oldest brother as well as his selfish personality. Then after Skye's near death, she become worriful to him in any danger despite he can defend himself.




Willow has a wolf companion named Kai, she found her as a pup who got caught on a bear trap and she also witnessed Kai's mother being caught as the hunter's trophy.


Augustus gives her the creeps because of how he threatened her brother's girlfriend for a love potion for Pythia which is why she kept her distance from him in case she will get threatened by him too because she also learn magic.


It is reveal that she used to have a relationship with Logan 2 years ago but due to him joining the delinquents, this resulted their relationship because she wanted to stop him for joining the gang.


  • She was named after a deciduous trees and shrubs, found primarily on moist soils in cold and temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere.
  • Willow has a Herpetophobia or fear of lizards.
  • Willow has poliosis, a condition that causes white spots or streaks on hair such as from the head, eyebrows and etc.
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