Personality Edit

Winsor is awkward, caring, gentle, intelligent, smart, clever, and he doesn't want to inflict any unnessary harm on innocent beings.

Appearance Edit

Winsor is an 7ft 3inches animorphic Gorilla with amber eyes behind rectangle spectacles black fur muscular build and wears casual attire.

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

Winsor is the son of Winston from Overwatch and the relationship is really good and they both love and care for each other.

Friends Edit


Romance Edit

Winsor is Single.

Quotes Edit

Quotation1 For the tenth time no Bananas! Quotation2
Winsor when offered a banana
Quotation1 Don't make me angry Quotation2
Quotation1 Uh uh t thanks Quotation2
Winsor after being complimented
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