Quotation1 Wait! I am the heiress? Quotation2
Shocked about her fate
Yui Fey
Gaming Series of Origins Ace Attorney Series!
Gaming Parentage Maya Fey, the current leader of the Fey Clan
Age 15
Pet(s) I have no pets at all!
Alignment I am a Protagonist
Roommate Venus Wright! She is the best..Fights for JUSTICE!
Victorious Moments I always with her side, sometimes I always love reading some books and Romanctic Mangas!
Knock Out! Moments I always stumbled sometimes being caught by boys..Making me OMG!
Favored School Subject I love Qoutology for some reason!
Least Favored School Subject I hate P.E and Swimming..I am too weak!
Allies Venus is always my bestfriend and I have some other friends!
Nemeses I-I....It's complicated to say!
Favorite Food I love Sushi and Mochi Cakes!
Favorite Beverage I love Soda!
 Yui Fey is the daughter of Maya Fey , the next Heiress of the Fey Clan. She was accompanied by Venus Wright!



Yui was a cheerful and kind one, even to her friends and to Venus, She is also a Social Butterfly who loves flattering arround.She's also loyal and sincere to her friends especially to Venus.


She has a Black pig tails, brown eyes and pale skin.



Yui is a good daughter towards to her mother, her father died by a Murder in her childhood which leads to her trauma that she never forget until now..


Venus Wright was one of her known friend, they had a close friendship when she became the School President.


She didnt own one ever since she lost her father.


Miyumi hated Audrey's Attitude.


Miyumi was single..She was hoping that she had her own love life.


  • She is a Deredere type.
  • Yui is Japanese Word of "Gentleness" which totally suits her.
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