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Quotation1.png So you really forced me to curse you..I guess I'll do it since you requested! Quotation2.png
Yvonne's response to Evelynn

Yvonne Dorval is the granddaughter of Patricia Dorval also known as the Enchantress, she inherited the curse of her grandmother and she is known of her ability on voodoo magic



Yvonne was a calm yet overprotective person to her friends, especially Pythia which is her closest friend.



Yvonne has long black dreadlocks with gold charms on it,a dark skin with white markings and a golden brown eyes. she wore a white blouse with black waist corset,a tribal lace belt with animal fangs,a red skirt that reaches ankles with a red and green patterned clothing which connects her skirt, a black shoes with white stockings. Yvonne has a red headband with white pearls on both sides, a fanged earrings and a few golden bracelets.





Before Patricia joined the game, she had a son that she abandoned because of how unable she is to take care of him and she feared that her "mother" might know about it. Years later, Yvonne was born and her family lives form New Orleans, both her mother and father are a restaurant owner who also sells voodoo related knick knacks to maintain the family tradition. They are both caring and slightly strict to her due to being an only daughter so that she will never felt same way when her father left him as a child.


She was very close to Erid who helped her on her school projects and often helped each other to cheat in quizzes and classes. She is also overly concerned to Isha whenever her competitive instincts came in because she knew trouble is coming. She is also very close to both Apollo and Pythia & she treated them like her siblings.


She didn't own any pets due to her lack of time taking care of them.


She disliked Lucas due to his flirtiness, every time he flirted it gets in her nerves however she felt confident facing because she had a ability to curse or to get punched him on the face by her Matokan Lover. Yvonne disliked Evelynn because of she got mock her bloodline and she also jokingly said she is going to be cursed by her but that word become reality and later she got feared by her.


She is in a relationship with future Matokan warrior named Skye Cloud .She loved him so dearly however she is nervous of how his family will react to her since she is voodoo user and she might rejected because of it. It is revealed that she and Hector used to be lovers however their time together began to lacking as well as their spark of love faded resulting their relationship ended.


  • Yvonne comes from Hebrew that means Gift or Grace of God, also in French/Old German it is also means "Yew" or Archer.
  • Yvonne has a gentle hands which makes her an expert massaging.
  • Yvonne doesn't like the idea of love spells because according to her love must be from the natural feeling.
  • She had collection of various amulets and charms however she barely used them.
  • Her favorite festivals is the Day of the Dead and Mardi Gras.
  • She admitted that she didn't trust Pythia's lover since the beginning of their relationship.
  • She hated dealing with Giovanni due to the more she stuns the more the wax slowly hit her.