Zak Grady is the son of Silent Hill Origins protagonist's Travis Grady he's a experienced hunter, trucker, survivalist, outdoorsman, explorer, turned Paranormal Investigator he's also the first student from Silent Hill.

I don't hunt for fun or because I love it, I do it to survive

Physical Appearance

Zak has Caucasian skin with two claw marks going across his left cheek which he received after getting to close and personal with a mountain lion during a hunting trip. He also sports a short brown beard, short but shabby hair giving the boy a disheveled look. Zak stood at 6ft 7inches with a heavily muscled build, black eyes, while also wearing a trucker uniform or a vest with a flannel shirt underneath while also wearing jeans and trainers.


Zak is a courageous, selfless, adventurous, cautious, skilled, serious, independent, vigilant, perceptive, callous, responsible, smart, heroic, strict talented and respectful individual with a unique version of justice and a moral code that he follows. He's also seen as a big brother figure to a handful of students including to those who has trouble in the survival classes adjusting to their new surroundings and would go as far as helping them or preparing them for a Survival based obstacle course.



Zak was born and raised in Mobile Alabama his mother was a police officer who always placed her job before her family, this didn't sit well with his father Travis Grady so he decided to speak with her about this. After some convincing and hours of family counseling she decided focus on both her job and her family.




Zak is single.


Like Bruce and his relationship with Mr. Mason, Zak has a very unique relationship with Ms Croft and she's impressed with his survival skills and had even gone as far as bringing him along on her adventures and having him co teach the class.


Zak is the first Silent Hill student in Game High.

Since he was born and raised in Alabama/South he has a Alabama accent.

Zak could willingly travel between the Otherworld and the Fog World with a use of mirrors.

Zak has knowledge of firearms.

Zak is the leader of his own Paranomal Investigator team known the Silent Hill Paranormal Investigators.

Grady is slightly inspired by Travel Channel's Ghost Adventures host Zak Bagans.

Zak is fan of the Forest Gump story and movie.

Zak is slightly based on Bear Grylls.


Quotation1.png Silent Hill is not someplace you would want to visit unless you have a deathwish Quotation2.png
Zak on Silent Hill
Quotation1.png Mama always told me to be wary of strangers and honestly I did not expect to meet someone from my father's past Quotation2.png
Zak to a stranger from his dad's past
Quotation1.png Matthew I need you to do something Quotation2.png
Zak to Matthew Schmidt
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